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Giant Connect 4 ~ Add On

Giant 1.1 metre Plastic Connect 4.

This game requires strategy, skill and of course a lot of luck. Players take it in turns to drop counters into the frame to try and form a line of 4 in a row and at the same time block their opponent from doing the same.

This giant connect 4 stands 1.1m tall and is made from durable plastic. Year after year, this Hasbro Giant Connect 4 will look amazing in your garden. Traditionally this game is played by two players; one player on each side, however you can make teams and have more than two players to create a more involved and competitive game.

The Hasbro Giant Connect 4 is great for office ice breaking events, family BBQ’s, weddings and parties. Use skill and strategy to complete a sequence of 4 disks of the same colour in a row, the game is won when a player has completed this sequence and then the game is reset. This truly Giant Hasbro Giant Connect 4 features storage for the counters on the side of the unit making it easy to store in one place.

Price: £25

Indoors on Artificial Grass
Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Grass
Outdoors on Grass (event)